10 Reasons I Don’t Date Jamaican Males

10 Reasons I Don’t Date Jamaican Males

Disclaimer :”This is for amusement needs . Any similarity to actual people demonstrates that I am right.

Should you can’t manage the warmth stay out of the kitchen.

Your message day doesn’t exists when you look at the language of most Jamaican males, merely to the extent whenever it involves a bed. They constantly wish to be invited more than for “breakfast, lunch or dinner” and additionally they usually do not indicate items . The thought of merely really matchmaking are lost to them .When a Jamaican people ways a woman, the text that can come of his mouth generally insinuate sex,sex and milf sites much more intercourse

JM: mi woulda like fi “know” you

JM: you look close mi woulda like fi sample that or

JM: you’ll be able to wine, a wonda if a so that you wine pon it

…need I say most

Besides Jamaican boys won’t invest any money on any extravagant lunch until you start thinking about fulfilling at KFC a fancy meal. Relationship …no ..”Sexmance”..yes

Genitals Conquerors:

More Jamaican the male is like flies to feces. Every thing “dem see”in a clothes, trousers, or mini top , when they are of the opinion it really is a lady and there’s a vagina between the lady legs, dem tun “ leggo creature.” On top of that, they believe they are God’s present to people and a lady was thus passing up on the “ Great World of Wonka” if they don’t give up to these types of improvements.

I’m a small woman with a little vagina and so cannot satisfy the unusually huge penises many Jamaican men are designed with.

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These large size penises tend to be often inserted with many girls curved in “S’s” or being forced to undertake the “six thirty” maneuver. My straight back struggles to meet this type of abuse. Also, you will find excessive daggering involved in the entire process. They continuously need to be responsible to turn and change the lady a lot to their pleasure. Intercourse with a Jamaican guy does not have passion plus its a lot more of a battle than anything else.

Spouse Beater:

The need to getting a macho people or domineering strain down into abusive affairs. Jamaican males feel they posses their own female and are also extemely possessive and envious and just simply “love fi defeat ooman”

Per Beenie guy “ people fi hav nuff girl and girl inna bundle”. I do not require “nuff AIDS inna bundle” because Jamaican guys often usually do not engage in safer intercourse while they’re on the many conquests.

Browning Trend:

Jamaican males ranking the browning because the greatest victim and will for that reason diss the darker body woman for this that they think may be the prettiest, usually the light body color specially when it involves “wifey positions”. These are generally just emotionally enslaved.

Semen Donors :

Dem dont notice dem pickney full stop..

Liars and Tief: Jamaican boys bring perfected prone on the T. If a Jamaican people states” your eventually sperm right back, him jus a gudung the trail” , don’t hold off. him perhaps not returning for the time being. Jamaican people will tief “it” as you sleep.

Hide their genuine sexuality: many Jamaican guys are undercover bisexuals or homosexuals, surprisingly!No lady wants that sort of shock. As a result of the homophobic nature regarding the society , most bisexual or homosexual the male is marrying female just to mask the genuine character of these sexuality.

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