Delivered couple ban appeals but no feedback thus far, have experienced many a€?commentsa€™ this software are transphobic

Delivered couple ban appeals but no feedback thus far, have experienced many a€?commentsa€™ this software are transphobic

Grindr really does little against impersonations

Someone is making use of my personal photoa€™s, acting become myself. Ita€™s started reported from time to time. But grindr doesna€™t take any actions against they. It is still happening.

Before we are able to make use of the filter to search on Etnic. That was the main reason to be an advantage affiliate. After off nothing the ended they. Very personally no reason at all becoming settled account.

A whole lot junk e-mail

Now chose to remove my personal account and the software. An average of we see a lot more after that 5 not information every day. They all are the exact same so must be simple to solve. Very nearly feels like they desire the bots throughout the system


ita€™s way too many! 9 out of 10 is often a robot or individuals fake. Be sure to fix this. It makes the grid and in turn the application excessively untrustworthy.

Cheap software

Packed with contributes. Filled up with spiders. Minimum functionality if you don’t pay huge amount. Could possibly be a great app although pricetag and create barage succeed seriously awkward to make use of. Also: my membership had been blocked, with no provided need, after installing current inform. If perhaps there were a practical alternative. Much more to incorporate: PLS STOP DISPLAYING us 1 UNIQUE put OVER REPEATEDLY AND OVER AS WELL AS we CANT

Weinig schedules.

Helaas merk ik dat ik steeds vaker bezocht, getapt word of berichten ontvang van: Anonieme profielen Profielen pass away niet aansluiten bij mijn profiel, ondanks de instelling van mijn strain Escort/ rub profielen Blijkbaar valt er hier in mijn omgeving werkelijk wat te beleven qua online dating Zoals gezegd: Profielen sluiten weinig aan. Mvg KRAFTWERK

Rip-off unexpectedly

From a 0,99 subscription they it out of the blue increased to a 1600% (!) boost to a‚¬15,99 monthly! Just what a truly revenue catching plan. Need to be straight men and women exploiting this application. Very disappointing. Also, banners for expired features stick to display screen. Quite amateurish. Ia€™m sorry to say, but Grindr has lost its interest.

Prohibited with no obvious grounds

Got prohibited without being informed. Sent few bar appeals but no responses yet, have seen lots of a€?commentsa€™ this app getting transphobic. Being a trans, this app should had been a helpful a€?mediaa€™ for us to meet up people that are interested in all of us. Not forbidding. Your own professionals should banned those who sell medication, spammers, dudes that are getting pushy whenever you dont want to jump into sleep them, and those who a€?sell sexa€™. To summarize, the application will certainly bans you any time youa€™re not-being altruistic adequate to simply state yes to each and every solitary unclear figures who would like to F you.

guidance never ever shell out right up in advance.

Just chatbots, revealing fakeprofiles is worthless. Grindr’s perhaps not creating things with it. Your account are prohibited with no reasons, or description, while you have compensated a 1/2 seasons in advance. That cash is gone. If you wish to pay, suggestions never ever shell out right up ahead of time. That you don’t miss that much revenue.

Super sluggish and laggy

Upgraded the software, now ita€™s operates super sluggish and laggy. Extremely difficult to utilize the app automatic teller machine.

Best spam

The actual only real communications I have are spam information. Constantly the exact same text, has-been such as this for several months but evidently no action is completed to eliminate they.

Too much fakes, rude folks and plenty of spam

Despite everyday states of bot-spam by I hold obtaining all of them several times just about every day. a€?hi if y??u wanna f#ck g?? to GayFun.orga€? Grindr obviously really doesna€™t head. But as soon a as i personally use the word a€?partya€™ in my own profile Ia€™m obstructed. So that they have spiders! Then your disruptive contributes -with a lot of sounds. As incentive Grindr forgets your snacks and that means you need to verify again and again. Time to remove Grindr.

Terrible moderation

Was once a method to get in touch with likeminded individuals. Nowadays largely spam and spiders. As well as the periodic real individual you discover the following is in addition fake. Immediately after which you have the terrible within face ads for games that certainly not resembles the actual games. Additionally blocking men, really doesna€™t mean preventing group anymore. Every now and then clogged customers show up on my listing and also have to be blocked again. Also lots of users exactly who just creates newer profiles to prevent are blocked. Grindr, give up with all the moneymaking on fake advertising and spamming myself with a€?discountsa€?. Eliminate the bots in your source laws so we dont must be troubled by all of them plus the get rid of the continual need for stating all of them. In its ongoing state, this application should-be prohibited.

This app might detrimental to a bit

Ia€™ve been watching plenty of profiles Ia€™ve previously clogged. The application is sluggish as hell. Ia€™ve called the helpdesk a couple of times, but no responses. Ia€™m a paying member. But not for long.

Worst app actually ever

Non-stop cookie tastes in your face and advertisements all around us. Loathe this application plenty.

A great deal spam

Seems to worsen daily. Numerous bots and junk e-mail. Ia€™m revealing as much as 10 every day. Awful software (apart from all of the fakers truth be told there).

Spam spam junk e-mail junk e-mail spam — and invasive advertising

I have doing 10 spam messages a-day. Easily like to document them, i need to navigate through a menu with at the very least 6 actions to achieve that. Have you thought to only 1 drive of a button? Or perhaps protect against spambots that use the text a€?sexpartya€? a€?gayfun.orga€? or a€?escortsa€? from also delivering messages? Theya€™re making use of literally the exact same messages for months, yet the Grindr spamfilter really doesna€™t appear to detect it. Instead, you will get advertisements. I understand the necessity for ads in a free software, but Grindr will be the sole application i take advantage of that has had these annoying invasive full monitor adverts at random minutes that just take forever to finish.

App blijft vaak a€?hangena€?

Ik vind het serieus echt irritant dat de application vaak langzaam are of blijft a€?hangena€?!