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This chapter addresses the simulation business games used in the educational process by analysing selected popular games regarding their properties that are considered as important in the learning process. The first part presents a short introduction in the field of business games and the approach used in selection of the studied games. The next part provides a review of related articles and brief overview of the state of the art that has guided the selection of business simulation games to be analysed and assessed. The game parameters used in the assessment have been defined and described. The analysis and the assessment report are followed with brief concluding remarks. For those who are mourning the cancellation of sports games, there are simulation games like NBA 2K20.

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As an example, the University of Washington has been using business simulation games Multiplayer Games in classes since 1957 . As an educational tool, business simulation games have grown considerably in past 50 years and have moved from being a supplemental exercise in business courses to a central mode of business instruction . The selection of business simulation games for assessment purpose has been made with an intention to demonstrate what kind of business knowledge and skills can be acquired through the gaming. The discussion that follows the assessment points to the limitations of the selected game set. Serious games are part of the new emerging world of education environment that is based on sophisticated technology with elements of entertainment. They have been seen as good supplements for supporting the learning processes due to their capability to increase visualisations and challenge the student creativity.

Wikipedia provides a list of several hundred business games ordered in alphabetical and chronological order. The problem of this list is the fact that they are considered to be more entertainment-oriented than edutainment and as a consequence, their use as a learning tool is questionable. The classification as the group of educational business simulation games requires much more. The game has to be realistic, engaging, motivating, popular and user-friendly and with clear educational objective . When the game connects to the game’s site for the first time after it was installed, the software recognises the user’s computer and the game is ready to be played. However, not all business simulation games are available for download; they can also be available only in a form of CD-ROME or DVD format accompanied with an installation guide and game tutorial. Whicker et al. , argue that business simulation games are used merely to enhance students’ decision-making skills, especially under conditions defined by limited time and information.

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Computer-supported business simulation has an origin in the military war games and came into existence during the late 1950s . By the beginning of the 1960s, 89 different business games have been developed by industrial firms, business associations, educational institutes, or governmental units . They have been used as a learning tool for teaching management . They are regularly in use at the universities with business and management programs, and in particular at the world’s major business schools.

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They have the potential to significantly improve training and education activities and initiatives. As a part of serious computer games, business simulation games support training and learning focused on the management of economic processes. They have been proven to be useful in empowering and mediating learning business content.

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They vary in their focus from how to undertake a corporate takeover and how to expand a company’s share of the market. Typically, the player feeds information into a computer program and receives back a series of optional or additional data that are conditional upon the player’s initial choices. Other authors define business simulation games as games that are designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment . Serious games are considered by Squire as an important response from the education technologist to the “digital natives”, which is a generation of students who are raised on digital gadgets and interactive games. For them, the expectation to have interactive experiences in the education media seems very natural. Wikipedia explains that business simulation games are not a new phenomenon.