Tinder Promotional Case Study: Just How Tinder Collaborates With Top Meme Influencers On Instagram

Tinder Promotional Case Study: Just How Tinder Collaborates With Top Meme Influencers On Instagram

Since initiating in 2012, Tinder has expanded being the world’s most popular cellular relationships apps. According to the team’s internet site, Tinder has produced over 20 billion fits as a whole. In addition, across 196 region, users swipe 1.6 billion era every day and schedule 1 million dates every week. For anyone looking appreciation or to casually time, Tinder makes it much simpler than ever for singles meet up with each other using the internet.

Like other more mobile applications , Tinder provides incorporated influencer advertising and marketing into their large marketing technique to raise brand name awareness and bring in new registered users. In cases like this study, we’ll examine how Tinder partnered with social media marketing influencers to advertise the publish of its newer Reactions showcase.

Tinder Markets Their Unique Responses Feature

On October 4, 2017 Tinder announced the production of their Reactions function. Responses gets consumers the means to access a variety of animated graphics that they’ll outline Tinder discussions. The animated graphics add a full-screen graphics of a martini are cast, a moving cardiovascular system emoji, plus.

With the launch of Reactions, Tinder furthermore announced their new Menprovement step, a comedic video clip show that movie stars genuine Tinder employees. The videos series emphasizes that ladies frequently experience unsuitable and overly forthcoming guys in the software, and positions Reactions as a feature that will assist all of them cope with these types of interactions.

The video series also features Whitney Cummings , a well known American comedian, which performs the role of a “douchebag professional” improving the Tinder personnel build the ideal guy. Cummings provided the video on Instagram to the girl market of nearly 500,000 fans, helping Tinder develop the reach regarding the promotion.

The Menprovement effort providing responses provided six movies uploaded regarding the recognized Tinder YouTube and fb content. Six Menprovement artwork had been additionally shared on Tinder’s formal Instagram page inexperienced on Oct 4, 2017.

Tinder Couples Instagram Influencers & Meme Creators

And integrating with Whitney Cummings, Tinder leveraged six further Instagram influencers to promote the Menprovement step and consequently the fresh responses function. Most of the influencers included had been meme reports, and five from the six had been macro-influencers using more than 100,000 supporters. All in all, 39 sponsored articles are discussed by six influencers.

Influencers Associated:

The influencers uploaded 2 kinds of Instagram content material in partnership with Tinder: (1) Menprovement videos or artwork which were developed by Tinder and (2) initial memes targeting the subject of Tinder. In about a 3rd from the backed blogs the Instagrammers discussed a Tinder produced artwork or video. The rest of the sponsored blogs happened to be memes that have been either developed or found because of the influencers.

All excepting one of this memes explicitly included the Tinder company. The brand name hashtag #menprovement was used for some on the sponsored Tinder blogs.

Up to now the Instagram influencer advertising campaign has produced over 1 million wants, 21,000 comments, and a typical engagement rates of 2.6per cent.


Long area created meme curator and founder George Resch, began the Tank.Sinatra Instagram meme accounts last year . Resch printed four sponsored stuff in collaboration with Tinder. The best performing from the four received over 44,000 wants and 1,200 statements.

The article relates a scene from the flick state Treasure into the lengths Tinder consumers visit being inspire each other, effectively capitalizing on popular film. Remarkably, the article produced an engagement speed of 7.2percent, more than all additional sponsored Tinder articles we evaluated.

Reid Hailey for the preferred Instagram meme membership Shitheadsteve , blogs hilarious memes attractive to millennial users. The influencer released 16 blogs in partnership with Tinder.

Hailey’s highest carrying out post generated over 39,900 wants and 1,500 statements for an engagement price of 5.4percent. Through the meme, Hailey delivers the humorous model of content his audience are familiar with while simultaneously elevating consciousness for Tinder.

Lee Ayers associated with meme account Friendofbae , brings memes that cover a wide range of information and design.

Together with Tinder, Ayers published eight backed stuff. The greatest performing article gotten over 8,500 loves and 187 remarks for an engagement price of 3.4per cent escort sites Pembroke Pines.

The meme cleverly takes a line from the popular NBC tv series The Office and sets it relating to Tinder. Moreover, the Tinder company explicitly looks into the meme and is also marked inside the post’s caption.

Riley Beek runs the Instagram meme membership B.itch and curates memes that appeal to millennial people. She on a regular basis references television shows through the 1990s, such as Spongebob and Arthur, which can be most likely common to the lady readers. In cooperation with Tinder, Beek printed five articles.

Certainly Beek’s articles was a video from Tinder Menprovement series, which gained over 19,700 loves and 150 reviews. One of the Menprovement movies provided by meme influencers it absolutely was one of many greatest performing. But the post received an engagement price of 0.7per cent, quite a bit below some of the memes published in partnership with Tinder.