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Apple’s iPhone 6 is an awesome phone to get, it includes numerous inbuilt features that would leave you into an amazement. The telephone includes a inch display which is excellent for playing games and watching movies. To make certain you may do as much multitasking since you need, iPhone 6 comes with a 1 GB RAM and a 1 month. 4GHz processor. The phone also has maybe the best camera in the current marketplace, its own 8-megapixel camera is far better compared to other mobiles using 12 or more megapixels. We understand that buy Apple iPhone 6 is not possible for everyone, therefore we recommend you get your hands a refurbished iPhone 6. There are many areas but just one reliable, authentic and the cost-effective. In the close of the report, we will tell you about that location, but for the time being, let us concentrate on the best way best to speed up your 3G connection on your refurbished iPhone 6. You may also be interested in… 7 amazing refurbished iPhone 6 apps for Vegetarians 6 excellent Photo Collage apps for refurbished iPhone 6 unlock Distinct refurbished iPhone 6’s white noise generating apps that allow you to sleep better How to Increase the speed of your 3G Link: In today’s age and time when everyone is using 4G and LTE, then there’s certain place where one needs to take care of the 3G net. We understand how troublesome top 10 online alternatives to photoshop | it can be to shift from a fast internet to your one, however, then there is not any other way. Our tips and tricks given below, are not going to perform magic with your net speed, but they for sure will make surfing less painful. Opera Max: searching to be able to get full control over your data usage, we advise that you download Opera Max. The program is designed specially to provide you the best internet speed at a busy Wi-Fi network. Using this on your 3G will really make a difference, we can guarantee you of that. Facebook Lite: Rather than using the standard Facebook app on your refurbished iPhone 6 using a slow internet connection, we advise you to select Facebook Lite. The app is intended for those people who don’t have access to speedy internet, however they still need to appreciate Facebook. Disabling Images: To double your browsing speed on a low link, we advise that you disable the picture loading option. Allowing the Text Only mode on your browser will surely boost your web surfing speed. Since this option isn’t present in every browser, which means you want to test it under the Preferences tab. Find the Right Browser: We understand chrome is the favorite one and everybody loves it. So, do we, but when it comes to slow network, we suggest you use Opera Max since the browser is designed for this very reason