We feel that content needs to be handy for everybody.

We feel that content needs to be handy for everybody.

Dyslexia or graphic impairment should not stand in how ingesting content. The services and products let web content, e-books, pdfs and much more getting read out loud for your requirements.

Fulfill WCAG requirement

The guidelines to you

Text to message is a great deal when considering web content accessibility. A lot of countries has actually legal specifications that reports that content must be handy for everyone else.

Integrating with Talkify will help you to be successful fulfilling the WCAG.

Cyberspace ease of access step has an excellent video about WCAG and TTS here.

Vision disability or dyslexia

Our very own tips to you

Many people incorporate our merchandise as a services when reading content material on line. When you yourself have vision disability, dyslexia or simply issues reading next try it out for your self.

App proprietors

Our very own ideas for you

In case you are a software owner, specifically internet apps, then you’re fortunate. We’ve got simple to use APIs and JS-libraries within reach.

College Students

Our ideas to you personally

Proofread your papers or discover a second code. Our very own internet viewer is the ideal choice for your.

Knowledge and schools

Our information for you

Schools and colleges already make use of Talkify within words education. Simply direct youngsters to the absolve to make use of internet audience or use the integration options to modify the knowledge.

Exactly how Talkify really works

Strengthening Text To Speech pc software from scrape try tiresome and high priced efforts. There are lots of sellers supplying TTS voices, all with various criteria. Incorporating a UI towards the option would be alone another pricey venture.

We at Talkify eliminates this for you. We’ve got complete all of this. For you personally. At a significantly modest cost.

One API to tip them all

We incorporate because of the community top manufacturers of TTS-voices and combine all of them into one API. Here you have access to every sounds — collected under one umbrella.

UI on top

We now have establish an advanced JavaScript collection that integrates perfectly with your API. All of the sounds gathered in one single spot for your Web program.

The library may also use inbuilt web browser voices, some that even operates traditional.

WordPress integration

We realize that not every webmaster can integrate JavaScrip libraries. The WordPress plug-in leverages our JavaScript library and gives an easy to use WordPress aspect of all word press application owners, irrespective the techincal background.

Speech-enable the job

Talkify try an affect provider that transforms book into lifelike, organic sounding, address. This can help you create speech-enabled solutions and goods. A speech-enabled goods can certainly help consumers with visual impairments or consumers without direct access to a display. A speech-enabled items may be a web site application in addition to a vehicle or community statement program https://datingmentor.org/straight-dating/.

Start supply JavaScript Library

Our very own available resource JavaScript collection can be your go-to location for Web-app integration.

Word press plug-in

Our very own WordPress plug-in is your go-to spot for your own word press site or website

Strong and easy TTS pc software platform

Application Integration

Create Talkify internet Reader towards internet application, word press site or tailor your personal customized integration making use of all of our TTS-API

Book audience

Listen and browse your own e-books utilizing our very own stylish book audience

Online reader

The prominent Online reader. Access it at no cost or utilize our Premium service to limitless access to all sounds

Type reader

Develop accessable internet paperwork with a breeze.


All of our TTS-Studio provides you with complete power over our very own sounds. Controls pitch, speed, volume and pauses to produce top quality TTS-audio records

Book data viewer

Pay attention and look your own text documentation using our very own stylish book document reader

Text range viewer

Select a block of text and then have they read aloud to you quickly.

Dining table reader

Bring tabular content material read aloud. Gets users a context and boosts their particular recognition.